A Check-Up for Iraq: Karbala’s First New Hospital in Fifteen Years Announced at Arab Health

A Check-Up for Iraq: Karbala’s First New Hospital in Fifteen Years Announced at Arab Health


kafeelThe city of Karbala is second only to Mecca when it comes to its religious significance in the Muslim world. Its population stands at around 900,000, with more than ten million visitors travelling there every year for pilgrimage to the Al-Abbas Holy Shrine.

Iraq’s healthcare infrastructure has suffered during recent periods of conflict there. Between 2003 and 2007, half of Iraq’s remaining 18,000 doctors left the country, according to global health charity Medact.

Now, a new 25,000 square meter hospital will be opened in Karbala. With 200 beds, the Al Kafeel Super Specialty Hospital will benefit from an entire suite of modern technologies, such as a next-generation CT scanner capable of providing fine-detail 3D images of bone and soft tissue.

Al Kafeel will not only provide much needed care to thousands in Iraq, it will also make use of several key innovations in the medical tech field to help doctors diagnose and treat their patients to a higher standard than ever.

The opening of Al Kafeel Hospital is the latest step in GE Healthcare’s longstanding support of, and commitment to, the Middle East and North Africa.

Dr. Haider Al Bahadly, General Manager of Al Kafeel Super Specialty Hospital, said: “Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive care for the local community. GE Healthcare is a global leader in developing comprehensive medical care solutions that help support efficient and reliable diagnostics and care. Through our partnership with GE Healthcare, including turnkey support in hospital development, we have been able to fast-track the completion and now we aim to set new benchmarks in healthcare delivery in the country and the region.”

In a part of the world that has been marred by conflict, the continued support of healthcare companies from all sectors transcends war and politics to pursue an ultimate goal shared by everybody: better healthcare for all.

Maher Abouzeid, President & CEO of GE Healthcare Eastern Growth Markets, said: “Through our partnership on Al Kafeel Super Specialty Hospital, we are building on our long-term presence in Iraq, supporting both the public and private sector healthcare providers with our advanced medical solutions. We are honored to have been selected by the Holy Attaba Abbasiah as a technology partner for this critical project. We share Holy Attaba Abbasiah vision of improving access to high quality healthcare for Iraqi citizens and are committed to help strengthen the country’s healthcare infrastructure.”

Now, advanced ultrasound systems, patient monitors, anesthesia machines, and a fully equipped neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) will make Al Kafeel one of the best equipped facilities in Karbala.

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