A woman on a mission for 5.8 billion people… and on Instagram

A woman on a mission for 5.8 billion people… and on Instagram


“One small frame can convey so much more than the 2×2 space it occupies,” says this CEO, mom and global health advocate.

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Travelers and health enthusiasts have long found a welcome home on Instagram, where their photos help to inspire and captivate the platform’s scrolling and hashtag-happy followers.

But what happens when that travel is for business and health means healthcare and high-tech machines? Do healthcare thinkers, business leaders and science enthusiasts have a place when it comes to photo sharing?

Terri Bresenham (@terribresenham) thinks so.

The President and CEO of GE Healthcare’s Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, mom and photographer has been documenting her journey around the globe “on a mission for the 5.8 billion people without access to healthcare.” As she touches down across India, Africa and Southeast Asia, her account captures what it looks like to meet the people and see the places impacted by the possibility of better healthcare in emerging markets: young Indonesian boys playing a traditional game, clinicians learning about the workings of a mammography machine, lions on the road in Nairobi, and some suggestions for books about leadership.

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Terri Bresenham has been capturing photos of the people and places impacted by the opportunity for better healthcare.

The Pulse asked Terri about her motivation for starting her Instagram account and why she thinks the photo-sharing world is perfect for healthcare, science and tech enthusiasts who care about doing as good as their photos look.

Why did you decide to chart your journey this way?

One of my long-standing passions is photography, so I love that I can bring that into my every day work, whether on the road, in an office or from a rural clinic in Africa. Communicating through pictures is like no other medium, especially in healthcare, where we talk a lot about big ideas, solutions and high-tech machines – one small frame can convey so much more than the 2×2 space it occupies.

In your Instagram profile, you write that you’re a “woman on a mission” for those with limited access to healthcare. How does capturing the work you do help you on this mission?

I’m lucky to get to meet so many wonderful people in the places I visit, many incredible clinicians, healthcare workers, thinkers and midwives who are striving to make a difference in their communities, countries and beyond. Capturing this through the lens of a camera shares their story in a unique way, even if it’s just a snapshot of a moment with them or the places they call home, places where healthcare for them is personal.

Because of what we’re working on in Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, building disruptive, low-cost technologies and healthcare delivery solutions for emerging markets, I’m also always looking for new ways to connect with people globally who care about this mission and Instagram has been a great way to do this.

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What are some of your favorite images to see in your Instagram feed?

There are many accounts that inspire me, but to give just one example:  @UNWomen. Their posts are a daily reminder of the unmet need that exists out there to empower women, especially when it comes to healthcare, and the value of taking action.

I’m also always inspired to see posts from so many young people, young women in particular, who are among the groups leading progress in global health today.

What’s your favorite image that you’ve captured so far?

While it’s not the best photographic quality, I like the collage of a new GE mammography system being loaded onto a small river boat in Kenya. It’s about to be ferried upstream to a rural area and I couldn’t help but think about the women on the other side of that river who would now benefit from having access to this care and technology.

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What else can we expect to see coming up on your page?

I plan to start posting Stories now that it’s available – stay tuned if you’d like. 

What tips do you have for others in healthcare or business who are considering sharing their journey via photos?

Jump in and try; just like writing, you’ll find your own ‘visual voice’. You’ll be surprised by the people you’ll meet and the connections you strengthen.

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Follow @terribresenham for more on the journey for the 5.8 billion people. This week she will be capturing the state of healthcare and those influencing it in Mumbai, Bangalore and throughout India.

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