Fact Check: Women and Leadership in Global Health

Fact Check: Women and Leadership in Global Health


Every year the WHO’s World Health Assembly convenes some of the best minds working to make a difference in the health of this world. GE Healthcare will be live on the ground with these change makers as part of its mission to help the 5.8B people without access to healthcare in India, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Today women make up the vast majority of those working in the global health field, estimated to be about 75% of the workforce. Even with major contributions to healthcare, women continue to be underrepresented at the decision-making and leadership levels within global health.

At this year’s World Health Assembly, the Global Health Council, Women in Global Health, the UN Foundation and GE are bringing together female leadership from across the WHA to discuss these challenges, celebrate the women of the world who are championing better healthcare for all and inspire the next generation of female leadership.

Here’s a look at some of the challenges they’re trying to solve.


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