Prematurity Awareness Month: Notes from the NICU

Prematurity Awareness Month: Notes from the NICU


This Prematurity Awareness Month and in advance of World Prematurity Day, families, parents, nurses and the many people who have experienced prematurity are sharing their words of wisdom and inspiration for others currently going through it.

Read their messages here.

The stories behind the messages:

Twins born 15 weeks early, healthy and happy seven years later

At twenty-five weeks of pregnancy, babies in the womb are typically the size of a very small pumpkin. They develop a firm grasp and can stick out their tongue, but still need an additional fourteen to fifteen weeks to fully develop. But twenty-five weeks is when Makenna and Andrew decided to make an early entrance into this world. ‘Read their story here.’

Check back here for more stories throughout November.

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