Tackling the First Mile of Care

Tackling the First Mile of Care


A challenge to the global health community to help crowdsource ideas to address some of the largest problems facing global primary care today.


More than 5 billion people globally are unable to access quality healthcare. Sometimes the barriers are obvious – a shortage of trained clinicians, inadequate infrastructure or the inability to pay for services. Other times, however, the impediments are less evident in marginalized communities, and are caused by a lack of education or awareness about basic health.

From our work in emerging markets, we believe one discipline unites these dimensions to bridge the gap between the patient and effective and equitable healthcare services: primary care.

CAMTech and GE Sustainable Healthcare Solutions announce the First Mile Innovation Challenge to crowdsource ideas that address clinical hardships in global primary care. Help improve health at that first mile of care in low- and middle-income communities across the globe by sharing your innovative ideas in the critical areas of:

Maternal, Newborn & Child Health
Cardiac Screening/Health
Safe Surgery

Winners of the First Mile Innovation Challenge will receive $25,000 USD in funding, along with access to CAMTech’s and GE’s resources/network to help achieve patient impact.
Application deadline: January 10, 2017



Learn more about the First Mile Of Care:

Elizabeth Bailey, Director, Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) and Vikram Damodaran, Chief Product Officer, GE Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, make the case for global primary care. 



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