The Female Saudi Students Engineering Their Future

The Female Saudi Students Engineering Their Future


GE8This week in Dallas, Texas, 18 Saudi female biomedical engineering students will be running through an intensive, hands-on learning program that will help them continue to break stereotypes in their field.

For the next four weeks, the students will participate in the “Biomedical Engineering Technology Program,” being held at the MediSend Global Education Center in Dallas, in collaboration with the Healthcare Skills Training Institute (HSTI).

“With this education partnership and the program’s continuation, our vision is to help female engineers realize their goals of working in a profession that offers a good earning potential and opportunities for professional advancement,” said Iyad Al-Mobarek, General Manager of Education Solutions for GE Healthcare in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Turkey.

This article originally appeared on the GE Hewar blog. Read it here.

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