There isn’t “A” cure for cancer. There are 7.4 billion.

There isn’t “A” cure for cancer. There are 7.4 billion.


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I was recently told a story about a young patient in the U.K. He was a teenager when he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma – a teenager with deadly skin cancer. Multiple rounds of chemotherapy followed by targeted drug treatments yielded no results. He developed metastases to his brain and tumors grew in his lung and chest. Breathing was difficult. He was given weeks to live.

We’ve heard the tragic stories too often. Everyone knows someone. We know how it ends.

Or do we?

In a last effort, this patient’s case was sent to a Dr. Robert Hawkins, PhD and CEO of a very particular advanced lab in Manchester. There, the patient’s immune cells were genetically modified, incubated for days, while they multiplied in number. Soon these microscopic cells that had been super-programmed to do what they do best – fight disease – were injected back into the patient’s body to find and attack the cancer cells.

Today marks four years since this teenager’s incurable cancer has disappeared completely. This is the promise of cell therapy in action{…}

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