Weekend Pulse: A doctor heads deep into eastern Africa with a pocket-sized ultrasound and a new Olympic Record for healthcare in Rio

Weekend Pulse: A doctor heads deep into eastern Africa with a pocket-sized ultrasound and a new Olympic Record for healthcare in Rio


This week in health, science and tech: One man’s journey deep into eastern Africa with a pocket-sized ultrasound, a look at the ‘imagination lab’ where the future of engineering and the Industrial Internet meet, and the ground-breaking Olympic Record that was set at this year’s Rio Olympic Games… but not by an athlete. This weekend, catch up on what you might have missed from The Pulse and beyond.

Heading Deep Into Eastern Africa with a Pocket-sized Ultrasound


From its dynamic urban environment to its proximity to Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, Uganda’s capital of Kampala has much to offer. Some might say its people are the most enjoyable part of the city, and Dr. Mumoli would certainly agree.

Born and raised in Italy, Dr. Nicola Mumoli has been in the medical field for more than 20 years as a physician, researcher, and professor. Dr. Mumoli recently joined Bhalobasa ONLUS, a non-profit that funds entrepreneurial and healthcare projects in India, Burkina Faso, Congo, Uganda and Tanzania.

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Where the future of engineering, manufacturing and the Industrial Internet meet

Augmented Reality (AR) guides precision assembly of a GE Healthcare incubator.

Imagine this: A factory operator lays out component parts on his worktop. He’s putting together a vital part of an incubator, built to warm thousands of newborns in the critical hours after birth and built to last tens of years. In this important moment, there’s no room for error.

But with the Augmented Reality (AR) system switched on, the operator isn’t worried about that. The interactive light-guided system, made up of a high-resolution projector and a camera not dissimilar to an Xbox Kinect, monitors his motion and alerts him to any mistakes.

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How A Healthcare Olympic Record was Broken in Rio

Polyclinic (3)

A final Olympic record was broken in Rio de Janeiro, host of the first South American edition of the Olympic Games: The Polyclinic carried out around 900 consultations in a single day, outmatching the peak of 650 consultations in a single day at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Located inside the Olympic Village, the official residence of the competitors, the Polyclinic has 160 rooms and a staff of 180 professionals who provide high quality free care to these distinguished visitors. “It is important to point out that they went there not only because the service is free, but because the volunteer medical staff gave their best through the entire Games to provide athletes with the best care,” said Dr. Marcelo Patricio, deputy chief medical officer at the Polyclinic.

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New report details pre- and postnatal brain defects from Zika virus

Science Daily

Credit: frankieleon, Flickr Creative Commons

Credit: frankieleon, Flickr Creative Commons

Researchers from the epicenter of the current Zika virus outbreak have released a report on imaging findings in babies and fetuses infected with the Zika virus. Zika virus is most dangerous when transmitted from a pregnant mother to her fetus, increasing the likelihood of severe brain defects in the baby. In addition to microcephaly, the report identifies a wide array of brain defects, visible on CT, MRI and ultrasound.

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Healthcare innovation could lead to your digital twin

Digital News Asia


LET’S be honest: November isn’t the best time to visit Helsinki. But the gloom that envelops the Finnish capital every autumn didn’t stop some 15,000 visitors from descending on Slush, one of the world’s largest tech gatherings, which drew 1,700 startups last year as well as Google, Nokia and GE.

This shouldn’t be surprising. Although there are only 5.4 million Finns, they’ve had an outsized influence on the technology of our modern lives.

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