With the Click of a Button: Bringing Clinicians Closer to their Colleagues and Expectant Parents that Much Closer to their Babies

With the Click of a Button: Bringing Clinicians Closer to their Colleagues and Expectant Parents that Much Closer to their Babies


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Anyone who has a child will remember both the immense joy and nervous anticipation of those 40 weeks awaiting the arrival of their baby. For expectant parents, one of the most exciting moments is receiving their baby’s first images after the ultrasound exam. These images often are printed out at the doctor’s office or transferred to a removable flash drive or DVD.

Now, there’s a simpler way to receive these images: with the click of a button.

Krisen Tashjian and her husband were thrilled to learn that she was pregnant with their first child in August, 2015. She and her husband looked forward to the regular doctor appointments, check-ups, and ultrasound exams to ensure everything was going well and that the baby was healthy.

They first visited Dr. Greggory DeVore, a specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine in Pasadena, California, when Krisen was 23 weeks pregnant for a 4D Ultrasound exam. “The pictures were absolutely incredible – how you look now is truly how you look in the womb. It even felt a bit alien!” said Krisen.

She and her husband were not only able to immediately enjoy the images digitally, but Dr. DeVore was also able to instantaneously share the images with his clinical colleagues, in the event he had questions or saw a benefit for collaboration with a specialist.

Dr. DeVore uses a cloud-based image management system – called Tricefy™ – which enables one-click ultrasound sharing and secure archiving. Trice Imaging, Inc. and GE Healthcare recently partnered to launch Tricefy on GE Healthcare’s Voluson ultrasound machines and ViewPoint 6 patient reporting in certain countries to provide women’s health clinicians this innovative way of connecting with their patients and colleagues.[1]

During the course of the exam, Krisen received the 4D ultrasound images directly to her phone and email, in addition to print-outs.[2] “My parents couldn’t come to the exam, but within moments the nurse texted the images to me and my husband and I sent them on to my parents so that they felt as if they were there in the room with us.”

“My friends and family told me of their experience receiving images only via print-outs, or on old school CDs or flash drives. It sounded like such a clunky process. I’m now telling everyone about this process of getting the 4D ultrasound images right on my phone,” said Krisen.

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Left: “The image quality was superb. As soon as my husband and I received images (not even screenshots!) of Jack on our phones, we immediately forwarded them to our family and friends,” Krisen said.
Right: Now five months old, Jack is a happy, healthy and growing boy.

Tricefy enables easy collaboration and commenting among physicians in real time, to provide a diagnosis for patients from anywhere. In addition, hospitals can see economic benefits as Tricefy integrates into existing PACS systems, saving on implementation costs. “Tricefy is an invaluable tool for me, my colleagues and my patients. It helps my patients bond with their baby early in the pregnancy and share their experience with loved ones,” said Dr. DeVore. “I can also collaborate and consult with remote colleagues by instantly sharing these images – even while I’m on the phone with them.”

Now five-months-old, Jack is a happy, healthy and growing boy.

Learn more about Tricefy, and the GE Healthcare collaboration with Trice Imaging, Inc, by clicking here.


[1] Fetal Ultrasound images should only be taken by qualified physicians for diagnostic purposes when clinically necessary.

[2] Tricefy is only available in the USA, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

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