What to Expect When You’re Expecting Twins

For the first time, St George’s Hospital, London uses new twin growth charts during pregnancy scan They say twins are double the trouble but with more than 11,000 multiple births every year in the United Kingdom[1], they are also double the joy for expectant mothers. At the same time, a multiple birth is more likely […]

43,000 mammography exams in the U.S. just got more comfortable

Boca Raton Regional Hospital patients have reported a noticeable difference in comfort during the exam, as well as faster exams, with new imaging technology Pictured: Amanda Demerac, a technologist at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, positions a patient for a scan on the Senographe Pristina. Here are a few words that rarely go together: relaxed, comfortable […]

Shock Value: How Ultrasound Could Disrupt Treatment of a Life-Threatening Condition

In the United States, more than one million Americans develop shock, and the complication represents more than 19 percent of health care costs every year.[1] Andy Tarnoff once counted himself among the millions of people who run for fitness and stress relief. But he hadn’t laced up his running shoes in years. A torn hamstring […]

The other wonder woman: India, Indonesia and Kenya’s real-life heroines

Heroines of Health, a documentary told 1 minute a day, beginning to end, on Instagram premieres today “The society expects us to stay at home and take care of children,” says Mercy Owuor, a community leader in Lwala, Kenya, in Heroines of Health.  At the start of each week, she sets out away from her […]

Booming Biologics Industry Calls for Additional Production Capacity

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies responds to the increasing demand by building UK’s first fully single-use biomanufacturing facility in only 14 months Biopharmaceuticals are the world’s fastest-growing class of medicines; of the top ten therapeutics on the market today by revenue, seven are biopharmaceuticals and these therapies are about to make an even bigger impact in healthcare […]

Unlocking efficiency in drug discovery

Meet Sygnature Discovery, the company recruiting new scientists every week to help support ambitious client drug discovery programs Right now, scientists are working hard to find the next blockbuster drug. In laboratories across the world, millions of molecules are being screened against challenging drug targets. Those with potential will then be chemically optimised to improve […]

Wonder-Material: Giving Radiologists SPECTacular Images

When gamma camera technology was first demonstrated in 1957, the combination of whole-organ imaging and three-dimensional scanning was a technological marvel of the decade, up there with color TV. Of course, TV has changed since then… but SPECT/CT has remained largely in the age of cathode -ray tube sets. Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel was […]